Translee ft K Camp- Somebody’s Girl (Culture Junky Mixtape Download Link)

Translee’s video for “Somebody’s Girl” is a couple months old now and it served as the first hit off his recently released project, “Culture Junky”.

This track was meant to be club friendly and the public reception has proved that the song achieved it’s objective.

Translee’s latest effort, “Culture Junky” recently released on LiveMixtapes and can be downloaded HERE.

GULLY? or nah?

Translee- Wait For It

Translee took it to another level when he mentioned us on this track entitled “Wait For It”…when we heard our brand’s name we had to rewind it real quick to make sure we weren’t daydreaming.

Notable Lyrics:

“Shit, I’ll prolly slap a fan like I’m Meta World Peace/ Bring the hoes together and I let the girls eat/ I’m exactly what you thought I was…not/ Tryna get off so we got to club…hop/ and she jocking while I’m rocking something Gully Steez/ found them condoms in my pocket she like “what is these”/ I told her it is for the birds and the bumblebees”