Acidic | Artwork by @StevetheBum

I once took a tab of acid and tapped into different planets.
Met a dog that came from NASA. And a bird from Alabama sang me blues and Country Grammar as I held on to a flower.
I was holding on for dear life as my brain cells got devoured till I realized I’m the master of my mind and I have power so I started meditating for what seemed like endless hours
till I reached a peace of mind that only patience can acquire.
– Daniel Steez

Direct inspiration for the poem came from this trippy artwork by #GullySteez contributor @Stevethebum.

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Hell | Artwork by Hell & Trafik Captured by @Ninaqueral

We all live our own versions of hell.
We only differ in the way we play the hands that we’re dealt.
We succumb or we rise.
We topple or grind.
We should never live in fear from what resides in our mind.
I find you seek the truth in every line you put to your nose.
You tell yourself that things are changing while you unroll the note
but everytime things start a-flaming you go back down that road.
I don’t know what else to tell ya I ain’t tell ya befo’. You always say that you’re just going through hell
but the hell you put your mama through is unparalleled.

– Daniel Steez

Dope artwork by HELL & TRAFIK that was captured by #GullySteez contributor @ninaqueral.

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Split | Artwork by @Nychos Captured by @Pixelatedstreets

I’m usually a soldier. I’m not with all the complaints.
But I feel like I’m split in two or someone took my brain.
The longer I look into things the more they look the same.
I just want some peace and quiet from the attempts at fame.
Some kid just hit me up to tell me I inspire him.
But I ain’t shit. I’m struggling to try and meet my rent.
So though I thank him I just don’t feel quite accomplished yet
but hope that one day I’ll be worthy of the praise I get.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Nychos. Captured by #GullySteez family member @Pixelatedstreets in Glendale.

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Flower | Artwork by @Pabl0Navas Captured by @Estorninos1


She’s my flower.
She’s my muse.
She’s my rock.
Ride or die.
She’s a fuse.
When I pop she’s gon’ be by my side.
I’ma feed her all my love everyday I’m alive.
She’s the reason I don’t gotta take the pills I’m prescribed.
Her and I are forever intertwined in the eyes of the universe and I cherish every moment.
Every second.
Every night.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Pabl0navas. Captured by #GullySteez family member @Estorninos1.

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