“Mystical Tiger” By @Menaceresa Captured By @Catscoffeecreativity In Brooklyn

“Sometimes you’re like a dragon breathing fire with your words but you strike just like a tiger when you’re antsy and perturbed.”

– Daniel Steez

Dope artwork by @menaceresa captured by #GullySteez family member @catscoffeecreativity in Brooklyn.

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“Devil’s Trough” by Daniel Steez (Artist: @madeofhagop / Photographer: @fotoflaneuse)

“Day in, day out they mask their souls with knicks and knacks to keep control and though they stoop to levels low we always go back into the devil’s trough.”

– @Daniel.Steez 
Great work by the talented @madeofhagop.
Captured by #GullySteez contributor @fotoflaneuse.
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“Cross My Mind” by Daniel Steez  (Artist: @Senekt / Photographer: @Etas1)

“If there ever was a time that you would cross my mind

it would probably be right now…

and every passing hour

and every passing minute

and every passing second 

of every passing day

until the end of time.”

– Daniel Steez 

Great artwork by @senekt.
Captured by #GullySteez family member @etas1.
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“Trippin'” by Daniel Steez (Artist: @Stikki_peaches / Photographer: @Ranndomized)

“I’ve been tripping.

Tryna put life in submission. 

I don’t think I got it all together I got missing

screws on top of screws on top of screws, I’m just different 

and I’m distant 

and this drink is actually listening.”

– @Daniel.Steez 
Great artwork by @Stikki_peaches captured by #GullySteez contributor @Ranndomized.
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NEW #GullySteez Family Member: @EmerlyTheGreat


How could I not
fall madly in
lust? We shared
all the same vices.

– Emerly

Our newest member to the #GullySteez Family of creative souls is Emerly The Great.

Emerly is a fantastic poet who strikes a chord with every poem she writes and her inclusion in our creative collective marks the first time we’ve ever recruited a writer.

We can’t wait to see what Emerly has in store and are just as excited to share her work with our growing audience.

Be You. Live REAL.

– Daniel G.