Together | Artwork by @Dface_official Captured by @Pixelatedstreets

We belong together. I know this. For sho’ it’s
been a mighty long time and I’m hella nervous
but I think it’s time since our love’s hotter than a furnace.
I promise I’ll provide cuz you’re deserving.
Baby, you don’t tarnish.
You’re always golden
garnished with a side of emotion.
I just need your love.
Need your mind.
Want your body.
And you don’t need your clothes where we’re going.
Just come find me.

– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @dface_official that was captured by #GullySteez contributor @pixelatedstreets in Seattle.

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Split | Artwork by @Nychos Captured by @Pixelatedstreets

I’m usually a soldier. I’m not with all the complaints.
But I feel like I’m split in two or someone took my brain.
The longer I look into things the more they look the same.
I just want some peace and quiet from the attempts at fame.
Some kid just hit me up to tell me I inspire him.
But I ain’t shit. I’m struggling to try and meet my rent.
So though I thank him I just don’t feel quite accomplished yet
but hope that one day I’ll be worthy of the praise I get.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Nychos. Captured by #GullySteez family member @Pixelatedstreets in Glendale.

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