[DOPEorNAH?] Papoose – Fortune 500 Freestyle

Papoose has been doing this type of verbal jiujitsu for YEARS on YEARS. It’s ridiculous how he flips the names of these major brands in a freestyle. The wordplay it takes to concoct something like this is note-worthy enough but the fact that this isn’t his first or second time doing this is insane. What do you think though … DOPE or NAH?


#DOPEorNAH? Caskey – Postal

Caskey recently dropped a visual for a track entitled “Postal” as a WSHH Exclusive. The Orlando-bred emcee has proven he can rap with past projects and looks to be executing a more commercial strategy with this release. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

Bless-ed | Artwork by @Shalakattack Captured by @Streetartaustralia


They said, “I heard the dead hang on her ears.
Her soul is very vibrant but she clutches on your fears.
She feasts on ribs of men and gets drunk off all of their tears!” But maybe she’s just waiting for the perfect one. He’s here
despite her imperfections and her many past transgressions. I’m here
cuz to me she’s just angelic. It’s weird
I’m feeling really close to heaven.
With her right by my side I get this feeling that I’m bless-ed.
– Daniel Steez

Great artwork by @shalakattack. Captured by #GullySteez family member @streetartaustralia in Toronto.

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#DOPEorNAH? Octavian – Bet ft. Skepta & Michael Phantom

Octavian teamed up with Skepta and Michael Phantom for his latest visual to a track entitled “Bet”. The tracks adds to Octavian’s growing catalogue and displays his penchant for crafting catchy hooks. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?