ComplexCon Chicago: Curated for the Culture (07/20-07/21/19)

ComplexCon Chicago

Well, it’s no surprise.

ComplexCon has yet again perfected the art of blending fashion, art, and music into one live event!

With this being the first time the event leaves Long Beach you can assure yourself that they held no punches! For those of you who may, in fact, still live under a rock: Complex Media has become the epicenter for all things dope in our culture as they produce content daily on multiple platforms. While in line to enter the convention center I couldn’t help but notice one thing: heat everywhere! It was probably the only event I’ve been to where every 3rd outfit seemed to be put together by Virgil Abloh himself.

Upon entering the venue my initial goal was to head directly to ComplexCon’s merch store to cop some new Murakami pieces. However, I had several distractions along the way. The first distraction was running into none other than Jerry Lorenzo who was discussing his come up to a small group of people. If you’re into streetwear like I am, when Jerry speaks, you listen.

Immediately after, I noticed The Hundreds had a a small crowd building. Naturally, I walked over. To my surprise Bobby Hundreds and Lena Waithe (Actress/Creator of “The Chi”) were presenting their new collab! Luckily, I had a chance to meet the two and snag a shirt before continuing my journey to the merch store.

Before hitting my finish line another stop was made as my lady says to me, “Isn’t this kid famous?” Lo and behold Juice Wrld walks by me accompanied by “Hot Ones” host Sean Mendez. Even though I’m not a huge Juice Wrld fan, I am a fan of First We Feast’s “Hot Ones”! For those who haven’t seen it, “Hot Ones” is an interview-based show where the host, Sean Mendes, and his guest(s) are eating wings which only get hotter as the interview continues.

Shortly thereafter, I got a chance to chop it up with the hosts of “Full Size Run”, a show created for the sneaker enthusiast in all of us. Around this time Day 1 was coming to an end and as each day wraps up ComplexCon brings out their musical talent to cap off the evening. Day 1’s talent was Ella Mai. Once she hit the stage I figured it was the perfect opportunity to hit the merch store with some less foot traffic. I lucked out with a few pieces and even brought some heat back for the fam.

Day 2 was a lot of the same. A heavy amount of shopping and opportunities to meet the minds behind today’s biggest brands. However, there was one BIG difference. The creatives flooded Day 2. Everyone who mattered in our culture seemed to be in attendance on that day. People like Nicky Diamonds, A$AP Ferg, Don C, and Takashi Murakami were casually perusing the event. I even got a chance to chop it up with YouTube’s biggest hype-beast, Qias Omar. After all the shopping was accomplished everyone migrated to the main stage where Schoolboy Q and Rick Ross were getting ready to shut it down.

After everything was said and done I couldn’t help but think to myself “ComplexCon is really a hype-beast’s heaven”! If you’re a part of the culture like I am then attending the next ComplexCon is a must. Thank me later!

Here are some shots we took at the event:

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[DOPE or NAH?] Cal Scruby – Propaganda

Cal Scruby continues the constant stream of new material with “Propaganda”.


Listen to this and more of our current favorites on the Gully Music Spotify Playlist:

In My Head | Artwork by @Onurpainting Captured by @Pixelatedstreets

I’m hardly ever home but you’re always in my head.

And I ain’t nothing much but you stuck with me instead
of dipping when you coulda. Wouldn’t blame ya if you did.
And I know that you’re independent.
I know that you’re real.
I know that you’re sick of headaches.
I know how you feel.
I know that I’m like a blemish you could never heal.
But I hope that you love me dearly even when I’m peeled
to skin and bones.
I hope you love me in my truest form.

Truth be told,
you blow my mind.
I never loved before
I met you.
It got me thinking this is something.
And you’re someone who is special.
You cherish every moment and make everything eventful.
I need you now. I need you here.
I need your kiss.
I need you now. I need you here.
I need your lips.
I want you now.
I wish that things weren’t amiss.
If you would have me over just know I would make the trip.
– D.T. Ruth

Dope work by @onurpainting captured by #GullySteez family member @pixelatedstreets in Richmond.

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Never | Artwork by @Juzpopcreations Captured by @Grand_ma5ter_flash

“I never wanna see your face again,”
she told me as she lifted up her hands. “You’re always looking for a rule to bend
and I’m not here to give a second chance.
You could have served me better as a friend
but you chose to go surfing in my pants.
You broke my heart now wanna make amends
but I know I deserve a better man.”
And I know what she’s saying is the truth.
But I don’t wanna budge. Don’t wanna move.
I need her in my life but I can’t seem to choose
between the streets or someone I don’t wanna lose.
I can’t string her along this endless ruse
but I’m addicted to the money and the booze.
And I can’t seem to dip the Avenue.
Always looking for a route, another move.
Can’t believe that it cost me you.
I can’t believe that it cost me you.
– D.T. Ruth

Dope work by @juzpopcreations captured by #GullySteez family member @grand_ma5ter_flash.

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They Say | Unknown Artist Captured by @ValiantFab

They say love casts out fear
but fear cast out my love.
Now I’m sitting in the rain and thinking how we fell apart.
I see you with your children and your loved one.
I’m in awe.
I’m thinking how the hell I messed that up and I’m appalled.
I thought about apologizing…
didn’t have the heart.
From time to time when we collide I don’t know where to start.
A “how you been?” seems fraudulent.
I seen it from afar
and small talk with a distant lover doesn’t mesh at all.

– D.T. Ruth

Dope work by an unknown artist (please put us on) captured by #GullySteez contributor @valiantfab in New York.

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Strong | Artwork by @Guidovanhelten Captured by @Jacmoo.

You used to tell me to be strong.
Be wary cuz things go wrong.
Never worry. Stay real and live long.

But you never prepared me to lose you.
Now I’m looking, I’m desperate to find truth.
Now I’m tripping.
I might lose
my mind.
Try to flip it.
I fidget.
Tears run down my eyes.
You don’t care.
Not a tidbit.
You were a passerby.
Tell me,
do you have feelings?
Are you just made of lies?
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @guidovanhelten captured by #GullySteez contributor @jacmoo.

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Ten Toes | Artwork by @Jleedraws

Baby, I’m fine. Here I stand. Ten toes.
And you could be mine but you got no goals.
And I don’t got time to define our roles.
I just want a little love and your pot ‘o gold.
Don’t crack. Baby, please don’t fold.
It’s gun’ take a little time to confide my woes.
I’ma hit your line when I find more dough.

You always say you’re through but it’s all fo’ show.

I take you to your highs when you’re feeling low.
I just want the proof that you’re mine alone.
– D.T. Ruth

Gully artwork by #GullySteez Family Member @jleedraws.

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