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“Ascend” (Art by @Mattj_graffiti)


“I feel the need to ascend,
To transcend all the barriers.

I got haters and family who don’t show support.

I got traitors and frankly they were not by my side
From the start.”
– @DaGully

Great work by @Mattj_graffiti.

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@Sketchathon: The Flash


Today’s theme is “The Flash”.

New themes chosen every midnight est.

#Sketchathon posts daily themes as inspiration for artists.

Use our hashtag on Instagram and/or Twitter to enter sketches inspired by our themes.

We feature as many contributors as possible on our website and award a random prize every 1st and 15th to a randomly selected featured artist.

Sponsored by @GullySteez; All Things Dope.

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Emerly The Great, Writers

NEW #GullySteez Family Member: @EmerlyTheGreat


How could I not
fall madly in
lust? We shared
all the same vices.

– Emerly

Our newest member to the #GullySteez Family of creative souls is Emerly The Great.

Emerly is a fantastic poet who strikes a chord with every poem she writes and her inclusion in our creative collective marks the first time we’ve ever recruited a writer.

We can’t wait to see what Emerly has in store and are just as excited to share her work with our growing audience.

Be You. Live REAL.

– Daniel G.