Ten Toes | Artwork by @Jleedraws

Baby, I’m fine. Here I stand. Ten toes.
And you could be mine but you got no goals.
And I don’t got time to define our roles.
I just want a little love and your pot ‘o gold.
Don’t crack. Baby, please don’t fold.
It’s gun’ take a little time to confide my woes.
I’ma hit your line when I find more dough.

You always say you’re through but it’s all fo’ show.

I take you to your highs when you’re feeling low.
I just want the proof that you’re mine alone.
– D.T. Ruth

Gully artwork by #GullySteez Family Member @jleedraws.

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[Sketchaholics] Bugs Bunny Winner @ArtGomez14

We’d like to congratulate @ArtGomez14 for being the merit-based champion for our “Bugs Bunny” Sketchaholics theme.

Two fun facts about our champion:

1) The homie is from Clifton, New Jersey.
2) Favorite food is a tie between Thai & Indian.

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For those of you unaware, Sketchaholics is our themed monthly art contest.

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March 2019 Sketchathon Champion @Tjet72

We’d like to congratulate @Tjet72 for being the merit-based champion for our March 2019 Sketchathon.

Three fun facts about our champion:

1) The homie hails from Sweden.

2) Tacos are numero uno.

3) Pulp Fiction is his favorite movie.

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For those of you unaware, Sketchathon is our general monthly art contest where all artwork applies and cash prizes are awarded.

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#SteezWars: HEKSR Final Battle

Entry by @Royes1

Entry by @Rebosober

Entry by @Boom_Boom_Franzini

Entry by @Guy_georges_clooney

We’ve come up with a top 4 for a 48-hour Final Battle for HEKSR. The artists are battling for $40 and you can vote for your favorite entry on the @SteezWars Instagram account until 03/03 at 12am EST.

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#Sketchaholix “The Simpsons” Champ: @Chape.man

Congrats to our #Sketchaholix “The Simpsons” champion @Chape.man. The artist took home $40 for being our merit-based winner. Well, he was supposed to. But he donated $5 back to the contest. Much love and respect to the homie for doing that.

For those who don’t know: Sketchaholix is our themed sketch contest that’s primarily run through the @Sketchaholix Instagram page.

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Unreleased Work By @GuerillaGarden

@GuerillaGarden had some unreleased work he wanted to share and we’re honored to showcase it.

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“Hearts” By @JGoldCrown Captured By Contributor @Pixelatedstreets

“All we need is love.
I got that plus a hug.

I wanna hold you,
wanna kiss you,
wanna tell you you’re enough.

I wanna walk down the street
hand in hand
you and me.

I wanna hear about your problems
and your many, many dreams.
Look at me.
And tell me what you see?
A person deep in love who doesn’t ask for many things.
The only thing I ask is can your love rescue me?
And you don’t got an answer only hearts sent through a text.
But I guess that’s enough.
I don’t know what else to expect.”
– @Daniel.Steez

Great piece by @JGoldCrown captured by contributor @Pixelatedstreets.

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