“Hearts” By @JGoldCrown Captured By Contributor @Pixelatedstreets

“All we need is love.
I got that plus a hug.

I wanna hold you,
wanna kiss you,
wanna tell you you’re enough.

I wanna walk down the street
hand in hand
you and me.

I wanna hear about your problems
and your many, many dreams.
Look at me.
And tell me what you see?
A person deep in love who doesn’t ask for many things.
The only thing I ask is can your love rescue me?
And you don’t got an answer only hearts sent through a text.
But I guess that’s enough.
I don’t know what else to expect.”
– @Daniel.Steez

Great piece by @JGoldCrown captured by contributor @Pixelatedstreets.

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Watch: GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Teaser Trailer (2020)

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters is getting an official sequel 30+ years after the original came out! That’s pretty crazy but the franchise should still be fresh in people’s minds after the 2016 reboot. The originals were classics so this movie will come with a lot of hype and a lot of expectation. During the trailer we get no indication if any of the former cast members are involved but let’s cross our fingers. Ghostbusters 3 is slated for a Summer 2020 release though so they’re reeling us in with this teaser. Nicely played.

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J.A.I. PERA- Karmic Imbalance ft Rated R

This cut from J.A.I. PERA’s latest project, Dreams Of Anarchy, featuring Rated R sees both rappers spitting about the downfalls in life and the feeling of hopelessness that goes along with that.

“Psychological balance, that’s what I must retain.

Want to knock everybody out, I must refrain.

Confidence, motivation, I must regain.

The colors of my future are grim, I must repaint.

All the choices that I’ve made, man, I must rethink.”


RIP Chinx Drugz

Hip-hop lost another soldier today in Chinx Drugz.

Chinx Drugz was taken way too soon just like his Riot Squad brethren Stack Bundles (killed in 2007).

However, Chinx is immortalized by the music he leaves so let’s celebrate some of his work in light of this bad news:

RIP Chinx Drugz.

RIP Stack Bundles.

NEW #GullySteez Family Member: @EmerlyTheGreat


How could I not
fall madly in
lust? We shared
all the same vices.

– Emerly

Our newest member to the #GullySteez Family of creative souls is Emerly The Great.

Emerly is a fantastic poet who strikes a chord with every poem she writes and her inclusion in our creative collective marks the first time we’ve ever recruited a writer.

We can’t wait to see what Emerly has in store and are just as excited to share her work with our growing audience.

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– Daniel G.