Smoke | Artwork by @Christianguemy Captured by @Catscoffeecreativity

I used to smoke on every corner making eye contact with foreigners in suits and ties and laugh at them cuz they were scared of all of us and now I’m suited up and rid of all my insecurities. They say I’m bossing up. I think it’s just who I was meant to be.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Christianguemy. Captured by #GullySteez family member @Catscoffeecreativity in Manchester.

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Unconditional | Artwork by @Claudialabianca Captured by @Kaotik954


If your love was unconditional then you would let me be.
Got a problem with the things I do? Then you should prolly leave.
Entrapped within your view of life and your philosophy
and I can’t stick around to deal with all this pain and grief.
I’m just tryna chill and vibe in hammocks by Miami beach
but your soul is Atomik. I don’t think we’d ever reach a little peace.
We’ll never reach peace.
– Daniel Steez

Great work by @Claudialabianca that features an @Atomiko tattoo on the character.

Captured by family member @kaotik954 in Miami.

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“Hearts” By @JGoldCrown Captured By Contributor @Pixelatedstreets

“All we need is love.
I got that plus a hug.

I wanna hold you,
wanna kiss you,
wanna tell you you’re enough.

I wanna walk down the street
hand in hand
you and me.

I wanna hear about your problems
and your many, many dreams.
Look at me.
And tell me what you see?
A person deep in love who doesn’t ask for many things.
The only thing I ask is can your love rescue me?
And you don’t got an answer only hearts sent through a text.
But I guess that’s enough.
I don’t know what else to expect.”
– @Daniel.Steez

Great piece by @JGoldCrown captured by contributor @Pixelatedstreets.

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#DOPEorNAH? J. Cole – Middle Child

J. Cole released “Middle Child” a few hours ago and in it he reflects on how it feels to be stuck between two generations and his state of mind when it comes to the business side of the industry by declaring he would never act out a beef for mere entertainment or to gain clout. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

#DOPEorNAH? Jaden Smith – A Calabasas Freestyle

Jaden Smith continues to impress with every release as “A Calabasas Freestyle” serves as lyrical practice for the emcee who’s successfully carving his own lane with an underground sound and vibe to accompany his larger than life last name. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?