Smoke | Artwork by @Christianguemy Captured by @Catscoffeecreativity

I used to smoke on every corner making eye contact with foreigners in suits and ties and laugh at them cuz they were scared of all of us and now I’m suited up and rid of all my insecurities. They say I’m bossing up. I think it’s just who I was meant to be.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Christianguemy. Captured by #GullySteez family member @Catscoffeecreativity in Manchester.

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Shout | Artwork by @Caro.pepe & @Ageage_bln Captured by @Catscoffeecreativity


Our minds are going crazy but our mouths are always shut.
We wanna shout and scream but we don’t think we strong enough.
Tell me, why are we always so blinded by the fluff?
By the TV and the headlines on the phones that we all love?

I guess we’ll never know. And I guess we’ll never learn.
I guess we’ll all stay shut until our souls are old and burnt.
I guess I wanna say that I’m evolving but I’m not
cuz I’m binge watching on Netflix and I know six different plots.
– @Daniel.Steez

I know the theme of the artwork doesn’t fit the topic of the words that it inspired but I can’t help what the universe decides to throw at me in the form of inspiration.

Amazing artwork by @caro.pepe & @ageage_bln for @upfest.

Captured by #GullySteez family member @catscoffeecreativity.

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