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Never Forget | Artwork By @Myheadsajungle Captured By Contributor @Streetartaustralia

Never Forget

I never forget a face and I remember both of yours.
You were loving.
You were hateful.
You were all of that and more.
You were spiteful.
You were selfless.
You were shit I can’t explain.
You were everything to me,
the both you,
look how things change.
– Daniel Steez

Great artwork by @Myheadsajungle.

Captured by contributor @streetartaustralia.

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@RealJoynerLucas- Mansion

Lunch vibes.

Gully video to a track by Joyner Lucas entitled “Mansion” directed by Kariuki Media.

“I wasn’t ‘posed to be broke for this long, dammit, what a bitch
And my manager told me “nigga you gun be rich”..
That was last year, now I’m living in the ghetto with the crackheads working at McDonalds as a god damn cashier.
Ain’t this a bitch?”
– Joyner

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Be You. Live REAL.


@CambattaMusic- Tripping Balls (prod by Adot The God & Trappa)

Morning vibes.

Gully music video by Cambatta for his track entitled “Tripping Balls”.

The track is produced by Adot The God & Trappa and the video was directed by @OmarTheDirector.

“B A to the T to the T A
DJ hit the replay, on the joint like a kneebrace in a relay
Each day is my Bday, briefcase full of green face”
– Cambatta

#GullySteez represents All Things Dope.

Be You Live REAL.