#SteezWars: HEKSR Final Battle

Entry by @Royes1

Entry by @Rebosober

Entry by @Boom_Boom_Franzini

Entry by @Guy_georges_clooney

We’ve come up with a top 4 for a 48-hour Final Battle for HEKSR. The artists are battling for $40 and you can vote for your favorite entry on the @SteezWars Instagram account until 03/03 at 12am EST.

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Utopian Daydreams | Artwork By @Tk_alldayz

Utopian Daydreams:

We should spark up the world and cleanse our minds of doubt.
Spread our tentacles of love and hear each other out.
These are daydreams of utopia.
Naivety of youth and a
refusal to let go of a
for me that’s a lifelong journey
like my burning to say something that may just sound earnest.
But honest-ly
we’re all tripping over life.
We make mistakes.
We fuck shit up.
But we still have our lives.
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by family member @tk_alldayz.

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Unreleased Work By @GuerillaGarden

@GuerillaGarden had some unreleased work he wanted to share and we’re honored to showcase it.

Follow the homie on Instagram and check out his shop HERE.

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#Sketchaholix “The Simpsons” Random Winner – @Foiski

@Sketchaholix_: Congrats to @Foiski for being our randomly selected winner for “The Simpsons” theme.

The artist will receive $10 paid via PayPal.

Our merit based winner will be announced soon.

Sketchaholix is our themed monthly sketch contest. Search for it on Instagram and get involved for your chance at winning our cash prizes!

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“Eye On Me” By @Jleedraws

Eye On Me

My baby’s got an eye on me.
She ain’t playing games.
I mess around she’ll come around to throw us more than shade.
She’s crazy but I love her psychopathic way of thinking and there’s no one who knows more of me than she; it’s a love that’s well worth keeping.
– Daniel Steez

Really great artwork by @jleedraws. Please show some love by following the artist on Instagram.

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Sketchathon: “Bart Simpson” winner @Shaneyredd

Meet the winner of our Sketchathon.com “Bart Simpson” theme, @Shaneyredd:


@Shaneyredd hails from Karachi,  Pakistan. When he was randomly selected as our “Bart Simpson” Sketchathon winner he informed me that there was no way he could receive his cash prize. He also told me that graffiti was not all that common in Pakistan and he wanted to promote the art form in his country. I thought this was a dope and commendable goal. In behalf of our team here at GullySteez we wish him the best of luck and hope he participates in our future contests.

Here’s his winning Sketchathon entry:


And here are five Gully Facts about our winner:
1. His favorite color is Red.
2. Loves animals and has an African Grey named Ashley and an Eclectus (bird) named Ruby.
3. His favorite Marvel superhero is Thor.
4. He’s a Real Madrid supporter.
5. Some of his favorite graffiti writers include Tkid 170, Cope 2, Tracy 168, Seen, Duster, Zephyr, and Sanki.

Much love to Shaney…we wish the homie nothing but success!

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