[Sketchaholics] Bugs Bunny Winner @ArtGomez14

We’d like to congratulate @ArtGomez14 for being the merit-based champion for our “Bugs Bunny” Sketchaholics theme.

Two fun facts about our champion:

1) The homie is from Clifton, New Jersey.
2) Favorite food is a tie between Thai & Indian.

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For those of you unaware, Sketchaholics is our themed monthly art contest.

Be You. Live REAL.


[DOPE or NAH?] GAT$ – Immigrant Bread / Parking!

Gat$ recently released a video for “Immigrant Bread / Parking!” which features the artist meshing two completely different styles in under 5 minutes of dopeness. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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Acidic | Artwork by @StevetheBum

I once took a tab of acid and tapped into different planets.
Met a dog that came from NASA. And a bird from Alabama sang me blues and Country Grammar as I held on to a flower.
I was holding on for dear life as my brain cells got devoured till I realized I’m the master of my mind and I have power so I started meditating for what seemed like endless hours
till I reached a peace of mind that only patience can acquire.
– Daniel Steez

Direct inspiration for the poem came from this trippy artwork by #GullySteez contributor @Stevethebum.

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Hell | Artwork by Hell & Trafik Captured by @Ninaqueral

We all live our own versions of hell.
We only differ in the way we play the hands that we’re dealt.
We succumb or we rise.
We topple or grind.
We should never live in fear from what resides in our mind.
I find you seek the truth in every line you put to your nose.
You tell yourself that things are changing while you unroll the note
but everytime things start a-flaming you go back down that road.
I don’t know what else to tell ya I ain’t tell ya befo’. You always say that you’re just going through hell
but the hell you put your mama through is unparalleled.

– Daniel Steez

Dope artwork by HELL & TRAFIK that was captured by #GullySteez contributor @ninaqueral.

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[DOPE or NAH?] Yelawolf – Rowdy ft. MGK

Yelawolf recently released Trunk Muzik III which features “Rowdy” featuring MGK and showcases both of their top-tier rhyming abilities. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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Draped In Red | Artwork by @Albfs Captured by @Estorninos1

To the angel draped in red…
I’ll give you all your heart desires.

I would serenade you daily.
I’d crawl through a deadly fire
just to see you for a second
and tell you just how I’m feeling.

I would smother you with roses and make you feel like you’re dreaming.

And no one in my life could treat me quite as right as you.
I think I may have found a wife. I may have stumbled ‘pon a jewel.

And I don’t think you sense how real my intentions are now
but you’ll see it much clearer when you still shine in a crowd.
– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @albfs that was captured by #GullySteez contributor @estorninos1 in Barcelona.

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[DOPE or NAH?] Tech N9ne – Blown Away

It seems like Tech N9ne has gone through some drama in the past about being placed higher on the bill than other acts and they’ve caused scenes about it. Most notably, Tech names Rakim as one of these salty artists and airs out about being a better performer than all of them.

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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