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Flower | Artwork by @Tatocaraveo Captured by @Tag_pdx


“I’m tryna flower into something greater than I’ve ever dreamed.
I’m tryna blossom and just be a boss and that’s by any means.
The fact I’m struggling is befuddling, I gotta say.
Cuz we were bubbling but then we stumbled and I got afraid.”
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by @tatocaraveo. Captured by contributor @tag_pdx in Phoenix.

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#DOPEorNAH? @HiRezTheRapper – Stop Flexing On The Gram

Hi-Rez has been killing it for years and most recently has been going viral with his Uber freestyles. The freestyles are must-watch material but it was refreshing to see that a new visual for one of his tracks entitled “Stop Flexing On The Gram” was released a couple weeks ago. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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#GullyClassix: A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got)

Today on #GullyClassix I’m on a Tribe vibe. We’ve got A Tribe Called Quest’s “Jazz (We’ve Got)” from 1991’s Low End Theory.

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ART, Photography, Poetry

Everything | Unknown Artist Captured by @Viajes_tatis


You’re my everything.
I know that shit be sounding corny
but I don’t give a f**k.
I love to kiss you in the mornings.
I love it when you’re happy and I love it when you’re bitchy. I love it that you’re realer than anyone else who’s with me.
I love it that you tell me exactly how you be feeling.
I love looking in your eyes and seeing your soul beaming.
I love that you accepted me as hood as I could be
but I left that for you and I don’t need more company.
And now I’m flowering.
And the results came straight from you.
I don’t know what you see
but just know that I’m here for you
forever. And ever.
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by an unknown artist (please put us on).

Captured by contributor @viajes_tatis in Medellin, Colombia.

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#DOPEorNAH? Pouya x Boobie Lootaveli – PE$OS

Pouya and Boobie Lootaveli recently dropped a track entitled “Pe$os”. This is for the homies looking for smooth, lyrical vibe. Pouya has always had a flow that reminds me of Bone Thugs and it is on full display in this one. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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#Sketchaholix “The Simpsons” Champ:

Congrats to our #Sketchaholix “The Simpsons” champion The artist took home $40 for being our merit-based winner. Well, he was supposed to. But he donated $5 back to the contest. Much love and respect to the homie for doing that.

For those who don’t know: Sketchaholix is our themed sketch contest that’s primarily run through the @Sketchaholix Instagram page.

This is for the artists who love themed competitions.

You can view all of our published entries on the official contest website: