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“Smiles” (Art by @Vyalone, Photography by @Alkima_for)

“Beware the smiling faces cuz in the end they looking out for self and nothing else.

And all of this displacement got me feeling quite abrasive. Man, I barely even know myself.

And if I was a patient it’d be pill after a pill till you peel back to basics. But I don’t got the patience, doc.

And I don’t need your pharmaceuticals to make my pain stop.”

– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @vyalone as captured by #GullySteez family member @alkima_for.

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ART, Photographers, poetry

“Devil’s Trough” by Daniel Steez (Artist: @madeofhagop / Photographer: @fotoflaneuse)

“Day in, day out they mask their souls with knicks and knacks to keep control and though they stoop to levels low we always go back into the devil’s trough.”

– @Daniel.Steez 
Great work by the talented @madeofhagop.
Captured by #GullySteez contributor @fotoflaneuse.
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