[DOPEorNAH.com] Danny Brown – Dirty Laundry

“Out the slums, nobody gave me nothin’
Had temptations, so I hustled, David Ruffin
Papa was a rolling stone, so I sold rocks to ’em
Beam up Scotty, we got lift-off Houston”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?


[DOPEorNAH.com] KAMAUU – bamboo

“Oh, it’s priceless to focus.
Ain’t no progress that’s free.
Depending on how you frame it
ain’t no friend like defeat.”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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[DOPE or NAH?] Curren$y – Eyes Closed

“I rolled four, lit one up when she come through the door. She peepin’ everything, chandelier, marble floor. I passed that and told her keep it, I got hella reefer. Ass fat, let me see it, don’t be playin’ either.”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPE or NAH?] Cal Scruby – Who Are You?

“Hit the strip, I got four or five plugs. I just tell my story. I don’t glorify drugs. I’m a role model if you wanna die young but I got a whole lot if you wanna buy some.”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPE or NAH?] Benny the Butcher – 5 to 50 ft. India (prod. by Alchemist)

“I ran off the deep end. Kicked out my momma house. Came back carrying things in. I’m careful coz they give you 5 for a robbery but they burying kingpins.”

What you think? DOPE or NAH?