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“Modern Slave” (Art by @TrustIconStreetArt, shot by @ApolloBelladona)


“The modern slave.

Sometimes enslaved by a system that throws shade on the inconsequential.

The modern slave.

Sometimes shackled by actual chain and link
by actual cage and shit.

The modern slave.

Most times engulfed by invisible cuffs made of smartphones and such,
invisible cuffs made of minimum wage,
foreheads consumed by luxury items whose logos should be engraved
on the skins of the masses by the way in which they’re worshipped.
The modern slave.”
– @DaGully

Gully work by @TrustIconStreetArt,  shot by #GullySteez contributor @apollobelladona.

Be You. Live REAL.

Emerly The Great, Writers

NEW #GullySteez Family Member: @EmerlyTheGreat


How could I not
fall madly in
lust? We shared
all the same vices.

– Emerly

Our newest member to the #GullySteez Family of creative souls is Emerly The Great.

Emerly is a fantastic poet who strikes a chord with every poem she writes and her inclusion in our creative collective marks the first time we’ve ever recruited a writer.

We can’t wait to see what Emerly has in store and are just as excited to share her work with our growing audience.

Be You. Live REAL.

– Daniel G.