[DOPEorNAH?] Papoose – Fortune 500 Freestyle

Papoose has been doing this type of verbal jiujitsu for YEARS on YEARS. It’s ridiculous how he flips the names of these major brands in a freestyle. The wordplay it takes to concoct something like this is note-worthy enough but the fact that this isn’t his first or second time doing this is insane. What do you think though … DOPE or NAH?


#GullyClassix: Cassidy – 11 Minute Freestyle

Cassidy was always a beast, man. He was the only artist I actually went out of my way to make a ringtone for and then kept that ringtone for the whole time that fad was poppin’. Anyway, peep our latest #GullyClassix post which is 11 minutes of a Cassidy freestyle which I believe came from Hot 97.

Be You. Live REAL.

#DOPEorNAH? Tyga – Thotiana Freestyle

Tyga visited the L.A. Leakers to drop a freestyle to “Thotiana” which throws a few shots back to Soulja Boy who recently dissed him on a track. It’ll be somewhat interesting to see how their most recent feud plays out. However, in terms of strict lyrical talent this seems like it would be a one-sided affair. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

#GullyClassix: Big L – Tony Touch 139 Freestyle

Today on #GullyClassix we got Big L’s “Tony Touch 139 Freestyle”.

A little anecdote. When I was 13-14 I downloaded all the Big L freestyles I could find on Kazaa and packed them into a Big L only mixtape I would carry on me along with other mixtapes I made depending on my mood. This freestyle in particular was crazy because it was over a Biggie beat. And now I pay for music like any decent human being.

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