[DOPEorNAH.com] Gang Starr – Family & Loyalty (ft. J.Cole)

I’m not gonna lie hearing Guru’s voice made me feel a certain way and J.Cole fit pretty nicely alongside him.

“Diamonds are forever like family and loyalty
Or real rap songs like “C.R.E.A.M.” or “My Melody”
Diamonds are forever like my infinite thought
Like respect in the hood that can’t be bought”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?


[DOPEorNAH.com] Hobo Johnson – Mover Awayer

You made my Mondays feel like Fridays. You made that Ruby Tuesday taste like Benihana’s. And all I ever wanted was for us to get along. For us to get along. And there’s a million fish in the sea. I f***ing hate when you say that to me.

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?


“You’ll never ever see me with guys known for verbals
My bruddas pull up and sky no rehearsals
Don’t switch sides, there’s no role reversals
How’s the best spitter in Grime so commercial?”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPEorNAH.com] King ISO – Edicius

“I never wanted to kill myself
Just end a part of me
And never got a chance to heal myself
So it’s a part of me
It’s me if you wonderin’ who I’m at war with
Old version of me, sitting by dormant
It bleeds, all over me”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPEorNAH.com] Conway The Machine – Tito’s Back ft. Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn (prod. by Daringer)

“Gun on my hip, got aim like an archer, motherf***er
I be swingin’ through New York like Peter Parker, motherf***er”

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPEorNAH.com] Marlon Craft – Family

And I know you like to keep your emotions buried. I know you’re scared that your time has passed.
But you been drumming in my rhymes. The percussion in each line is a function of your time as Dad. This my Jazz.

What do you think? DOPE or NAH?