Joyner Lucas- Words With Friends

Joyner Lucas and Real Life Music Group blessed us with both a cameo and the entire set rocked our gear throughout the video. The experience was unforgettable and we will be forever grateful.

Notable Lyrics:

“What about politics”…”Fucking wack/ the U.S. is under attack/ the whole nation is under scrutiny/ psychological foolery/ TV is filled with coonery/ guess it’s cool to be that/ it’s a shame the reason we voted Obama is cuz he’s black”

Joyner Lucas- It’s All Good

Joyner Lucas sported two of our logo tees in his video for “It’s All Good”…a ballad about unappreciative, gold digging females.

Notable Lyrics:

“You said he used to give you money every damn day/ If you need money check my dresser for some spare change/ To go to work he drive a Benz with new headlights/ To go to work I drive some legs and a red bike/ Material is sorta chronologic/ T.I. said “it ain’t tricking if you got it”, well I don’t got it”