E $KRILLA and KENSHIN recently teamed up for a track entitled “TWOTHUMBSINYAASS” and we’re a bit biased due to the fact that we were name dropped by KENSHIN around the 1:15 mark. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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Narez- My Reality (directed by Omar Shaikh)

Narez sports our “GULLY” tee towards the end of his new video for “My Reality” directed by the uber talented Omar Shaikh.

Notable Lyrics:

“I’m known to make deposits, she’s known to make withdrawals/ I’m known to get mine, all the time, so get yours/ Don’t take it personal if I don’t call and I get lost”


Joyner Lucas- Words With Friends

Joyner Lucas and Real Life Music Group blessed us with both a cameo and the entire set rocked our gear throughout the video. The experience was unforgettable and we will be forever grateful.

Notable Lyrics:

“What about politics”…”Fucking wack/ the U.S. is under attack/ the whole nation is under scrutiny/ psychological foolery/ TV is filled with coonery/ guess it’s cool to be that/ it’s a shame the reason we voted Obama is cuz he’s black”

Translee- Wait For It

Translee took it to another level when he mentioned us on this track entitled “Wait For It”…when we heard our brand’s name we had to rewind it real quick to make sure we weren’t daydreaming.

Notable Lyrics:

“Shit, I’ll prolly slap a fan like I’m Meta World Peace/ Bring the hoes together and I let the girls eat/ I’m exactly what you thought I was…not/ Tryna get off so we got to club…hop/ and she jocking while I’m rocking something Gully Steez/ found them condoms in my pocket she like “what is these”/ I told her it is for the birds and the bumblebees”

Joyner Lucas- It’s All Good

Joyner Lucas sported two of our logo tees in his video for “It’s All Good”…a ballad about unappreciative, gold digging females.

Notable Lyrics:

“You said he used to give you money every damn day/ If you need money check my dresser for some spare change/ To go to work he drive a Benz with new headlights/ To go to work I drive some legs and a red bike/ Material is sorta chronologic/ T.I. said “it ain’t tricking if you got it”, well I don’t got it”

Lito ft Mason Caine- Carlito’s Way

The homie Mason Caine sported our “Street Expression” & “Royalty” tees in this video for Lito’s “Carlito’s Way”.

Notable Lyrics:

“I pop a pill and half, don’t wana f*ck you, I’m fine/ You can’t get mad at me shorty a simple “f*ck you” is fine/ I upgraded my status, I only f*ck if she fine”

Translee ft Eddy Fontane- Does Anybody Love

When Translee dropped this positive track the great reviews he garnered was much deserved.

Imagine how ecstatic we were when it got a couple million views on WorldStar with the homie rocking our “On My MJ Bullsh!t” tee…we were mind blown.

Notable Lyrics:

“I seen a man gunned down cuz how his hat was twisted/ I seen a judge throw the book at the innocent/ I seen the guilty walk free and he who did the shit/ You hate the fucking system/ You hate the law officials/ But when some shit pop off I bet you called them, didn’t you?”

Wize One- More Than Streetwear (prod by Supreme Digital)

Wize One, a talented artist from New York, took it to another level when he hooked it up with a track entitled “More Than Streetwear” inspired by our slogan from a couple years back.

Produced by the homie Supreme Digital…this track is GULLY.

Notable Lyrics (kinda biased):

“My spirits stay aligned and connected to God’s verse/ they sleep walking, that’s only making the fall worse/ my Gully Steez complement this Gully Steez/ streetwear the heat wear, 100 degrees”

Narez ft Jinx- Life Charger

To start the posting of material on this website I have to dig deep into our past and begin with adding content to our “GULLY NATION” tab.

The “GULLY NATION” tab will be reserved for the great people we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with.

In regards to musical content, these posts will feature artists who are either rocking some Gully Steez gear in their video or mention us on the track.

Narez was the first artist we had the pleasure of working with and he sported our “Do You Got Steez?” tee for his video to “Life Charger”.

Notable Lyrics:

“Far from perfection/ scars of deception/ can’t reach the kid, horrible reception/ I’m too far away contemplating suicide/ the successful one, son, tell me who can I/ speak with while I reincarnate/ into the new me, won’t let me heart break”