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Flower | Artwork by @Tatocaraveo Captured by @Tag_pdx


“I’m tryna flower into something greater than I’ve ever dreamed.
I’m tryna blossom and just be a boss and that’s by any means.
The fact I’m struggling is befuddling, I gotta say.
Cuz we were bubbling but then we stumbled and I got afraid.”
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by @tatocaraveo. Captured by contributor @tag_pdx in Phoenix.

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#DOPEorNAH? @HiRezTheRapper – Stop Flexing On The Gram

Hi-Rez has been killing it for years and most recently has been going viral with his Uber freestyles. The freestyles are must-watch material but it was refreshing to see that a new visual for one of his tracks entitled “Stop Flexing On The Gram” was released a couple weeks ago. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?


#DOPEorNAH? @KotaTheFriend – Lyrics To GO Ep. 24 “AFRICA”

Kota The Friend recently dropped a visual for “Africa” as the 24th episode of his Lyrics To GO series. We’ll definitely be tuned in for episode 25. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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#DOPEorNAH? @AaronMayto – Let Go

Aaron May recently dropped a visual for his self-produced track entitled “Let Go” which displays a versatility to jump between different flows and a subject matter that could best be defined as introspective. This was an introduction for us so we’re excited to dig into his discography and see what else he puts out in the future. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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#GullyClassix: A Tribe Called Quest – Jazz (We’ve Got)

Today on #GullyClassix I’m on a Tribe vibe. We’ve got A Tribe Called Quest’s “Jazz (We’ve Got)” from 1991’s Low End Theory.

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Must Watch: Steph Curry Throws INSANE Alley-Oop To Giannis

If you happened to miss the NBA All-Star game earlier tonight here’s a brief synopsis of what went down:

  1. LeBron’s team was down 20 at one point during the 3rd quarter and happened to win the game off the strength of strong performances from KD, Kawhi, and Klay Thompson.
  2. KD won the MVP award for the All-Star game. It was the second time he’s been given the honor.
  3. Steph Curry completed the play of the game and it was NOT a crazy three pointer from half court. It was actually a pass. The craziest pass I’ve seen in awhile. It was a bounce alley-oop to to Giannis immortalized by how high the ball bounced and the incredible thrown down that came from The Greek Freak once he caught it. Amazing.
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Everything | Unknown Artist Captured by @Viajes_tatis


You’re my everything.
I know that shit be sounding corny
but I don’t give a f**k.
I love to kiss you in the mornings.
I love it when you’re happy and I love it when you’re bitchy. I love it that you’re realer than anyone else who’s with me.
I love it that you tell me exactly how you be feeling.
I love looking in your eyes and seeing your soul beaming.
I love that you accepted me as hood as I could be
but I left that for you and I don’t need more company.
And now I’m flowering.
And the results came straight from you.
I don’t know what you see
but just know that I’m here for you
forever. And ever.
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by an unknown artist (please put us on).

Captured by contributor @viajes_tatis in Medellin, Colombia.

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