GullySteez represents All Things Dope.

Our platform is dedicated to supporting creativity and positivity through the mediums of art, music, photography, fashion, and creative writing.

We love the idea of pushing others to pursue their dreams and it has become one of our goals to provide a platform that shines a light on deserving talent.

To do this we scour the internet for “All Things Dope” and publish our findings. We also take submissions on all social media outlets and started an invite only membership group that is currently comprised of artists, photographers, and writers in 19 different countries.

The magazine portion of our platform is primarily focused on publishing our members’ work.

Our other special projects were developed to give our participants a chance at winning cool prizes:

Sketchaholix (TBA)

Sketchathon is a weekly sketch contest that rewards a lucky participant with random prizes every Sunday.

SteezWars partners with Blackbook Battlethon to host a monthly graffiti battle that rewards random prizes to a lucky participant. In addition to our prize Blackbook Battlethon has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes which are based on a strict judging criteria.

Do You Got Steez?

Submit your work to our round table of avid haters for a chance to be featured.

Business inquiries can be sent to: DanielSteez@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wilgens Metelus says:

    Hi! my name is Wilgens Metelus and i work for MSI at CCTV ( Cambridge Community Television) and i have some students who wants to do a short film about graffiti and culture. I was wondering if you know any artist who might be interesting in being part of our film and also share some works.

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