Never | Artwork by @Juzpopcreations Captured by @Grand_ma5ter_flash

“I never wanna see your face again,”
she told me as she lifted up her hands. “You’re always looking for a rule to bend
and I’m not here to give a second chance.
You could have served me better as a friend
but you chose to go surfing in my pants.
You broke my heart now wanna make amends
but I know I deserve a better man.”
And I know what she’s saying is the truth.
But I don’t wanna budge. Don’t wanna move.
I need her in my life but I can’t seem to choose
between the streets or someone I don’t wanna lose.
I can’t string her along this endless ruse
but I’m addicted to the money and the booze.
And I can’t seem to dip the Avenue.
Always looking for a route, another move.
Can’t believe that it cost me you.
I can’t believe that it cost me you.
– D.T. Ruth

Dope work by @juzpopcreations captured by #GullySteez family member @grand_ma5ter_flash.

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