[DOPE or NAH?] Yung Gravy, Pouya, Ramirez, Trippy tha Kid – The Boys Are Back In Town

Yung Gravy, Pouya, Ramirez,  & Trippy tha Kid recently released a track called “The Boys Are Back In Town”. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?


They Say | Unknown Artist Captured by @ValiantFab

They say love casts out fear
but fear cast out my love.
Now I’m sitting in the rain and thinking how we fell apart.
I see you with your children and your loved one.
I’m in awe.
I’m thinking how the hell I messed that up and I’m appalled.
I thought about apologizing…
didn’t have the heart.
From time to time when we collide I don’t know where to start.
A “how you been?” seems fraudulent.
I seen it from afar
and small talk with a distant lover doesn’t mesh at all.

– D.T. Ruth

Dope work by an unknown artist (please put us on) captured by #GullySteez contributor @valiantfab in New York.

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[DOPE or NAH?] Cal Scruby – It’s Nothing

“If she thinks it’s something I’ll drop her like it’s nothing. It’s fine, I’ll find another hoe. That dime’s a dime a dozen.”

Cal Scruby recently dropped a visual for a track entitled “It’s Nothing”. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPE or NAH?] Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Crime Pays

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib dropped a video for a track entitled “Crime Pays” a couple weeks ago and it features the artist running his own farm presumably reaping the benefits from years of crime. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

[DOPE or NAH?] Curren$y & Jay Worthy – PayBack

Curren$y & Jay Worthy collaborated on a track called “PayBack” and the visual features eye candy ranging from females to vehicles. The music starts with a dope sample and Curren$y kicks it off with his iconic, laid back flow and Jay Worth follows up with a strong performance. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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E $KRILLA and KENSHIN recently teamed up for a track entitled “TWOTHUMBSINYAASS” and we’re a bit biased due to the fact that we were name dropped by KENSHIN around the 1:15 mark. What do you think? DOPE or NAH?

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