An Air of Love | Artwork by @JasonNaylor Captured by @Catscoffeecreativity

It seems like love is in the air.
It seems to ripple everywhere.
It comes in waves. It comes in droves.
It came for me but you don’t care.
It seemed like love was in the air
the day we met. I met your stare.
You told me peace. I told you love
but nothing ever happened there.
I just think love is never fair.
It takes from you and never shares.
We pay for views into affairs of things we can’t really compare
just lusting for a breath of air.
I want you here and never there.
If only I could find a pair
I’d tell you now and face my fear.
– @Daniel.Steez

Amazing artwork by @JasonNaylor for @EastVillageWalls & @CocoaGrinder.

Fantastic capture by #GullySteez contributor @catscoffeecreativity.

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Be You. Live REAL.

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