Hell | Artwork by Hell & Trafik Captured by @Ninaqueral

We all live our own versions of hell.
We only differ in the way we play the hands that we’re dealt.
We succumb or we rise.
We topple or grind.
We should never live in fear from what resides in our mind.
I find you seek the truth in every line you put to your nose.
You tell yourself that things are changing while you unroll the note
but everytime things start a-flaming you go back down that road.
I don’t know what else to tell ya I ain’t tell ya befo’. You always say that you’re just going through hell
but the hell you put your mama through is unparalleled.

– Daniel Steez

Dope artwork by HELL & TRAFIK that was captured by #GullySteez contributor @ninaqueral.

Please put us on to the artists and show the photographer some love!

Be You. Live REAL.

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