[DOPE or NAH?] Jaden Smith – Watch Me (Remix)

Jaden Smith recently dropped a video for the “Watch Me (Remix)” that transports the viewer to Japan. This track is a mixture of well-thought bars and visual appeal as the location sets the perfect back drop for the vibes Jaden’s pitching. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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Be You. Live REAL.

[DOPE or NAH?] Smoke DZA – Luck of Draw (ft. Benny The Butcher)

Smoke DZA recently released a visual for “Luck of Draw” featuring Benny The Butcher. This is for the homies who enjoy real stand-up knowledge in their lyrics. What do you think … DOPE or NAH?

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Be You. Live REAL.

[#GullyClassix] Jadakiss – Put Ya Hands Up

Circa 2001; Kiss Tha Game Goodbye had just come out and I’m listening to it track by track scouting what songs to add to my personal mixtapes for the commute to school. “Put Ya Hands Up” not only made those mixtapes but it stood the test of time. It gets played on every long drive, on every plane ride, or whenever I’m trying to listen to some vintage JA-DA.

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Be You. Live REAL.

Mandatory | Artwork by @Nilsrva Captured by @Pixelatedstreets

She’s looking back at me and I can’t really quite decide if I want to walk up to her or run so I could hide. But damn. I got this feeling when she looked into my eyes. I want her. And I need her. Need to know if she’s inclined… I can not live another day without knowing her name.
It’s mandatory that we talk.
I hope she feels the same.
Just looking at her face I see some glimpses of the pain
that I’ll eclipse with love until we’re dead and in our graves.

– Daniel Steez

Amazing artwork by @Nilsrva.

Captured by #GullySteez family member @Pixelatedstreets.

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[DOPEorNAH?] Papoose – Fortune 500 Freestyle

Papoose has been doing this type of verbal jiujitsu for YEARS on YEARS. It’s ridiculous how he flips the names of these major brands in a freestyle. The wordplay it takes to concoct something like this is note-worthy enough but the fact that this isn’t his first or second time doing this is insane. What do you think though … DOPE or NAH?