Everything | Unknown Artist Captured by @Viajes_tatis


You’re my everything.
I know that shit be sounding corny
but I don’t give a f**k.
I love to kiss you in the mornings.
I love it when you’re happy and I love it when you’re bitchy. I love it that you’re realer than anyone else who’s with me.
I love it that you tell me exactly how you be feeling.
I love looking in your eyes and seeing your soul beaming.
I love that you accepted me as hood as I could be
but I left that for you and I don’t need more company.
And now I’m flowering.
And the results came straight from you.
I don’t know what you see
but just know that I’m here for you
forever. And ever.
– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by an unknown artist (please put us on).

Captured by contributor @viajes_tatis in Medellin, Colombia.

Please put us on to the artist and show the photographer some love by giving them a follow.

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