Lethal Weapon | Artwork By @Inti_cl Captured By @Grand_ma5ter_flash In Paris

Lethal Weapon

She’s just elegance embodied.

She came at me like a Kamikaze.

Never met nobody who matched soul to body

quite like she did.

And now I’m looking at this Queen.

I tell her, “Lookie here.

I got no money. But my love? It last a thousand years.

I hope you heard it. Hope you see it. Hope you feel it clear.

I wanna see you in the mornings when the sky is still dark

and feel your warm lips to help my body jumpstart.


and kisses sent in your direction love.

This must be a dream.

You choosing me.

Am I on drugs?

Am I gun’ be another skull?

A soul that’s on your necklace?

You wield your love

just like a sword.

You’re like a lethal weapon.”

– Daniel Steez

Incredible artwork by @inti_cl.

Captured by contributor @grand_ma5ter_flash in Paris.

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