Watch: Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview

Back in 1997 Amazon was roughly three years old and Jeff Bezos was still a spring chicken. Watch a younger Bezos talk through why he chose to start with books, the problem with print advertising, and listen to his excitement about the future.

Fast forward to the present date and Bezos has built an absolute powerhouse that challenges almost every industry. Presently, you can buy almost anything on Amazon and they’re even attempting to make you question the way you do groceries with their acquisition of Whole Foods.

Something to take away from this video is to do your research about whatever it is you’re trying to break into. As you can see Bezos is fully immersed in the book business at this point in his career. He knows statistics behind the total circulation of active book titles and he also knows the statistics behind another 19 different product offerings he researched prior to choosing to start with books.

You have to know the industry you’re getting into to give yourself the best chance at succeeding.

I hope this motivated you as much as it motivated me.

#GullySteez | All Things Dope.


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