Watch: Chances Are Pelicans Won’t Trade Anthony Davis Before Deadline

Yesterday the NBA and its fans felt the shockwave that Anthony Davis caused when it was reported that he would not be willing to re-sign with the New Orleans Pelicans when his contract expires in 2020. This revelation also came with the news that Davis would prefer to be traded prior to this season’s trade deadline which is coming up in roughly a week. The immediate aftermath resulted in a flurry of memes and GIFs relating to the Lakers and their plethora of young trade assets circulating Twitter throughout the day. Questions were raised as to whether Magic Johnson could piece together a compelling package for Davis, a player who’s become arguably the best big man in the league despite his minor injury woes. However, the more the story is circulated the more it seems like the Pelicans are in no rush to carry out their All Star’s wishes and may wait for the offseason to see what other teams can offer, especially Boston, who would have to wait until the offseason to piece together a deal that would allow them to keep Kyrie and add Davis.

This should be an interesting storyline headed into the trade deadline. Let’s see how it plays out.

#GullySteez | All Things Dope.

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