ART, Photography

“Torn” by Daniel Steez  (Artist: @Mike.Makatron / Photographer: @Etas1)

“She mournfully looked…

the embodiment of scorn and it tore on her soul, got her cooked, got her scorched. 

Got her dripping of emotion and she’s forced to the brink of exhaust. 

Got her life fucked up,

Got it all off course,

but visions of grandeur got her dreaming like a boss.

She’s torn.”

– @Daniel.Steez 
Artist: @mike.makatron. 
Captured by #GullySteez contributor @etas1. 
Please show the artist and the photographer some love. 
Do You Got Steez?

#GullySteez for all things dope. 
Be You. Live REAL.


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