“Knowledge” by Daniel Steez  (Artist: @El_cekis / Photographer: @Fotoflaneuse)

“The streets are on the forefront,

the books are what you don’t touch 

if you tryna be cool 

but those are rules 

made by some misguided fools who thought that power lies in the heart of chambers.


some education over paper, please do. 
Cuz education brings you power that some fiend couldn’t hand you with the money that they wasting for a gram of what’s in your mason

And if you read and read you’ll attain knowledge of thyself making everyone around you second guess themselves when they try to bully you for accepting that you’re smart.”

– @Daniel.Steez
Incredible artwork by @el_cekis captured by #GullySteez contributor @fotoflaneuse.
Please show the artist and the photographer some love!
Do You Got Steez?

#GullySteez; All Things Dope. 
Be You. Live REAL. 


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