“Crazy” by Daniel Steez (Artwork: @__Dr.v)

“Crazy comes as crazy goes,

I’ve been going crazy tryna deal with all my woes. 
Bills on top of bills on top of more bills 

deters a dream that inches ever closer to becoming real.

But I don’t even know if it will. 
And I’ve been broke for far too long, 

been skipping all my meals daydreaming bout the day in which I’m racking up the mills,

daydreaming bout the day I get my momma on a hill

or at least pay off her mortgage,

pay all her fucking bills,

get her off this poor shit,

buy her trips and make her smile real 

for the first time in years.”

– @Daniel.Steez 
Incredible piece by #GullySteez contributor @__dr.v that got me inspired to write. 
Please show the artist some love. 
#GullySteez; All Things Dope. 
Do You Got Steez?


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