“Hey, you” (Art by @Stampz_graff, shot by @MelJewell)


A great message from @Stampz_graff, shot by photography member @MelJewell.

Sometimes when you’re walking around a big city you can start to believe that you’re just a number. When these thoughts creep into your head it becomes increasingly difficult to find anything to be positive about. It’s hard to see your self worth. Or to feel important. But like this message says: Don’t give up, okay?

You have plenty to offer the world. You have plenty to give. Your very existence is a blessing- multiple things had to happen in harmony for you to come into this world.

So embrace your place within it. Learn to be happy with yourself. Look around at the trees, at the way the water ripples at your local lake, and bask in the different colors of every season. Try to enjoy it all and remember we only get to experience it all for roughly 100 years (if we’re lucky).

There’s no time to give up. There’s only time to experience as much as possible. And that time is now.

Much love to you all.

– D.A. Gully

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