“My Heart” (art by @CrashOne & @Biotatscru, shot by @Catscoffeecreativity)



“My Heart is leaking coolant
but I’m still on the alert.

I’m still as cool as ever,
just as cold and might revert,
Relapse into the dirt.”
– D.A. Gully

Dope work by @CrashOne & @Biotatscru, shot by photography member @Catscoffeecreativity.

Be You. Live REAL.

Do You Got Steez?

RoQy TyRaiD- Nonpareil (prod by Jimmy Flight)

Bar after bar after bar … this track is a practice in lyricism and RoQy delivers with a vicious torrent of wordplay.

“I be getting better so impressive is the kid’s potential, my head is bigger than the legends of the hidden temple” – RoQy TyRaiD

“Melting Away” (Art by @DasicFernandez, Shot by @DawnMichelle14)


“She lets her problems melt away as she basks in the ambiance of a starry night.

There are no barriers or boundaries.
No worries and no thinking.
There’s just peace, and within it she feels free.”
– D.A. Gully

Incredible streetart by


shot by photography member @DawnMichelle14.

#GullySteez represents All Things Dope.

Do You Got Steez?

“Beach Life” by @Fr33FlowingInk


Artist member @Fr33FlowingInk recently completed this cool piece and I had to share it on the site…maybe because I wish I could be crushing waves like the character in this piece.

Unfortunately for me I don’t know how to surf and instead of crushing waves I’d probably be crushing my face into the water.

Either way it’s basically summer time and this piece was a great reminder.

– D.A. Gully

@SteezWars: JERK



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