@RealJoynerLucas- Ross Capicchioni

When I first heard the survival story of Ross Capicchioni every detail sent chills down my spine.

How someone could befriend another person with the sole intention of murdering them later on was unthinkable to me.

Of course I’ve heard of gang initiations. Being from Queens, NY my parents used to warn me about how gangs sometimes targeted innocent bystanders as part of their initiation. However, no matter how crazy that sounded it isn’t crazier than someone taking weeks or months to get into your inner circle just to kill you for an initiation. It’s insane.

In his latest visual, Joyner Lucas, takes us into the minds of both the victim and the murderer as he retells the story of Ross Capicchioni.

He took one of the better songs from his latest project, Along Came Joyner, and created an unforgettable visual experience.

The message behind this track should also serve to inform our youth about the dangers of gang initiations and possibly prevent some youngsters from making the wrong decisions.

Let us know what you think once you watch it!

#GullySteez represents All Things Dope.

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