“Change” (Art by @ottoschade, shot by @Sky.dweller)


“They all speak change but Donated money begets favors.
And it strangles our politicians in the form of interest motivated donations.

But who cares?
So long as our reality shows stay on we can keep our kingdom strong.”
– @DaGully

Dope work by @ottoschade,  shot by photography member @sky.dweller.

#GullySteez represents All Things Dope.

1 thought on ““Change” (Art by @ottoschade, shot by @Sky.dweller)

  1. Talk about hope dashed. He was owned, just like the rest of them, by banks, big business and the rich. We should have known but for one moment everything looked brighter. Pathetic, us for believing things would be different and him for making promises he couldn’t keep.

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