As this will be my first blog entry, I thought I’d start with an introduction to who I am and what I do. My name is Elliot-Hudson or Hudd and I’ve been in the Gullyfam since summer 2014 under the name of aiew_grn. I am a photographer and street artist from the UK and have a strong passion for most art forms.

So what is it exactly I’m showing you?
In October last year I was able to get into an abandoned asylum. The scenery was rad, the walls covered in graffiti and deteriorated and the whole building was full of character, I was able to get some strong photos together (for camera heads I was using an Olympus Finepix S with the pretense that a good photographer can shoot on anything). Little did I know how important these images would be, just last week there was a fire at this building and so there’s all the likelihood I will not be able to revisit. Stay Gully
– Hudd (@aiew_grn)


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