“Gully Steez” throwie by @Chuks162


The fam @Chuks162 hits us with the latest blessing added to the “Gully Steez Throwies” section on this site.

The wildstyle on this piece is incredible!!

Make sure you follow the homie on Instagram and keep up with his growing gallery on this site!

Gully Steez is dope style with ease.

Be You. Live REAL.

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About Gully Steez | All Things Dope

#GullySteez means street style and we're a hub of creativity dedicated to showcasing all things dope in art & hip-hop. Aside from our promotional platform we're also developing an e-commerce solution for indie artists and currently host two sketch contests, a black-book graffiti battle, and a year-round poetry giveaway. We're not just building a Hip-Hop media brand. We're cultivating a family. Do you got steez?

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