Welcome to GULLY MAG


Welcome to GULLY MAG…a collective of all things dope curated by the “Children of the Corner” …

The “Children of the Corner” refers to any city dweller who contributes to the contagion of creativeness we are allocating on this site.

Our purpose is to write about #AllThingsDope and to introduce our audience to artistic work that they may be missing out on.

Our goal is to become the number one hub for people who love urban culture…we love hip-hop, we love graffiti, we love streetwear, and we love being eclectic. This means that this website will not be strictly confined to specific topics, music, art, or clothing. We will scour the internet for anything and everything we find dope. This might mean we stumble across an alternative rock band we fall in love with. Or we get introduced to a crazy surrealist painter that deserves your recognition. Or we might even learn a little something and feel inclined to spread the knowledge with you.

This website is really a personal, cultural journey for me and I’m inviting whoever feels like joining in.

The creation of this website has been a long time coming. In a previous life this website was titled “The Daily Steez”…a life full of blandness and procrastination. In reality, the main reason I didn’t keep up with the initial blog was because I was frightened about diving into a life of writing. I wasn’t confident enough in my ability to write. However, you can’t live a life of fear. If I don’t dive into my brands then my vision will never formulate. So….I’m here. And I’m here to stay.

I look forward to connecting with whoever runs into this site and I can’t wait to get started!

Be You. Live REAL.

Daniel Steez

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